Festiva Congratulates Charleston for Being Named the Best City in the World

The vacation ownership company is proud of its employees at the Church Street Inn for contributing to the success of Charleston as a world-class destination.

Vacation ownership company Festiva congratulates its staff at the Church Street Inn for contributing to the success of their hometown, Charleston, being named as the top destination for travelers on the planet. Travel + Leisure magazine conducted a survey to determine which cities are the best in the world, and have placed Charleston, South Carolina at the top of that list.

“We ask that our employees at the Church Street Inn in Charleston exceed our guests’ expectations every day, and they do that and more, in turn exceeding my own expectations of how employees should perform,” said Festiva Senior Vice President & Chief Operating Officer, Scott Sonnone. “And I think that performance is reflected in the fact that Charleston has been named the best city in the world for travelers.”

Festiva’s Church Street Inn resort resides in the heart of downtown Charleston, near the city’s famed market area which draws crowds and visitors. This makes the property and its employees stewards of the city’s reputation, a responsibility they take very seriously.

“We are beyond proud of our employees for doing their part to earn Charleston this honor,” Sonnone said. “They should be very proud of their accomplishments and their city.”

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