Festiva’s Atrium Resort in St. Maarten Suffers Hurricane Irma Damage

We have been keeping a close watch on the impacts and path of Hurricane Irma, and we have some initial information on how the Atrium Resort & Spa in St. Maarten has been affected.

The island’s infrastructure is severely damaged, including the airport and utilities, and the process of rebuilding everything affected by the storm will take years. We are fortunate to report that as compared to other hotels on the island, the Atrium did well. We have approximately 15-20 rooms with damages due to the fact the winds took some of the storm shutters. The resort’s general manager and her team are assessing specifics with the help of a local contractor and are working on a short-term plan as we prepare for Hurricane Jose coming in Irma’s wake.

We are also trying to evacuate our guests who were not able to leave the resort prior to the storm. While the resort does have power via the generator, there will be no internet or phone service for the time being. Since the airport is damaged there will be no departures or arrivals on the island via commercial airlines for some period of time.

We are happy to report that all employees and guests are safe; however, we know that recovery for all those who live and work on the island will be difficult. We will keep our members and guests updated as often as possible and will share ways that we can all help the people of St. Maarten recover from this devastation.

Please note that if you are a Festiva owner or member with an upcoming reservation at the Atrium, we will be contacting you soon via email.

Pat Barcas

Pat Barcas serves as staff writer and photographer for Festiva, based in Asheville, NC. In his spare time he enjoys photography, astronomy, hiking, hanging out with his family, and of course, traveling!

47 thoughts on “Festiva’s Atrium Resort in St. Maarten Suffers Hurricane Irma Damage

  1. Looking forward to updates-going to atrium 1st week of December. Happy to hear staff are doing fine. Very scary situation. Sally mcclellan

  2. So happy to hear that the Atrium Resort did fairly well with the devastation done by Irma and that all of the staff are doing fine. God speed and many prayers to all of the residents of St. Maarten. Appreciate getting the updates and look forward to getting back to the Island an Atrium resort in 2018.

  3. Thank you all for your concern about our staff in St. Maarten. If you are a Festiva Adventure Club member with a reservation at the Atrium this year, we will be sending an email tomorrow morning (Friday). We will continue to post updates on the blog as we get more information.

  4. am so glad staff & guests are safe and that the Atrium survived Irma without too much damage. Prayers for St Maarten.
    Kissimmee, FL

  5. Thank you for this update! So happy to hear the staff and guests are in such a great building and are safe and sound! Please keep us updated if you hear anything. We are full time owners there and have plans to be there end of Nov regardless of the island situation, to support the people and help in anyway we can.

  6. My family is currently stuck there, and we have had almost not contact with them. Please let Tom Conshay and his daughters know that we are eagerly awaiting their return!

  7. So glad everyone is safe and okay. Very friendly staff there at the Atrium. Any news on the Greenhouse Restaurant that is to the rear of the Atrium? We are scheduled to go there the second week of November

    1. I hear the green house,Buccaneer,the yacht club are open. Unfortunately the airport is still not open for commercial flights. We had to cancel our late October visit to the island. You might want to check with your airline, if you haven’t already. American gave us a credit on our tickets to use within a year and we are fine with that since we will be going in April

  8. We were so sad to hear of St Maartens devastation, very relieved to hear that our Atrium family and their families are safe. G-d Bless you and your beautiful Island and we look forward to hugging you all in December

  9. The Lipman, Wachtel and Lowrie families send our best wishes to the staff of the Atrium and Greenhouse.
    We have not stopped praying for you and your families and the rest of the friendly, loving people of St. Martin.
    It has been our second home for our family for over 23 years. We send our love and respect to all of
    Harvey & Sharon, Michelle & Jason, Shayni & Andrew Aubrey & all of the grandchildren.
    P.S. Martin, call or email Jason when you are able.

  10. Our Prayers and thought has and is with Everybody these hurricanes has effected .Everyone at the atrium was great and the people in St Marteen was so friendly and Trusting. Praying for Everybody safety…

  11. Glad to hear all employees and guests are okay. We are scheduled to come to the Atrium in December. Hopefully hurricane Jose will not do more damage to the island. We look forward to being able to return to our favorite island.

  12. We are so thankful everyone is fine and our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone at The Atrium and other friends on the island of St. Maarten. You are the people we love and the very reason we come back yearly. We hope the days get brighter for you in this time of darkness.
    We are looking forward to seeing you all next year on our visit. Our best to you. Susan & Phillip Snyder-Delaware Ohio. Owners.

  13. thanks to the atrium staff and to every body – that is a great weight off my mind to know that you and your family are safe
    we are so sad to see these devastation pictures
    our best wishes to your family as we are also very anxious as Jose is coming
    nous sommes très touchés par cette catastrophe qui touche nos compatriotes français et espérons que tout sera mis en oeuvre au plus vite pour qu’ils soient relogés et que les pillages cessent dés que possible – les images de Marigot qui nous parviennent sont épouvantables – nous ne reconnaissons plus rien
    Courage à tous nous pensons beaucoup à vous

  14. The Atrium and Sint Maarten are such special places. We were there in 2015 and plan to go back next spring if possible. Glad to hear that everyone is ok. Thank you for the update.

  15. Relieved to hear this news, but Juan is on the way. Do our friends on-staff have safe living quarters, with food, water and other necessities of life? I doubt it. Can we begin a donation campaign to aid them and their families? This is the only decent thing to do, and certainly takes precedence over vacation indulgence. Please let us know how this may be accomplished (see: The Summit, for example).

    1. Hi Jan, thank you so much for your concern. We are still assessing the damage at the resort and our employees’ homes, and yes, as you said, are doing what we can to prepare for Jose as well. We are currently housing employees and their families at the resort, and while our primary concern is immediate safety of all employees and guests on-site, here at the corporate headquarters we are already planning ways to help raise funds for relief for our employees as well as other residents of St. Maarten and other affected areas. We we certainly post details of that as we get it finalized in the coming week so that those who want to help can donate.

      1. Wonderful! I look forward to the opportunity to contribute directly to the wellbeing of our own friends and to the economic health of Sint Maarten/St Martin!

    2. Relieved to hear this news, but Jose is on the way. Do our friends on-staff have safe living quarters, with food, water and other necessities of life? I doubt it. Can we begin a donation campaign to aid them and their families? This is the only decent thing to do, and certainly takes precedence over vacation indulgence. Please let us know how this may be accomplished (see: The Summit, for example).

  16. To the staff and my hero, Martin:
    Our hearts are devasted with the pain that y’all have been through and could be going through again. Our prayers for all of you is non stop. Being a retired pilot and a C130 pilot in Vietnam, we wish we could find a plane to use to fill up with volunteers and supplies and come help. The Atrium is our second home and the staff, we consider, is our family. Oh, how helpless we feel because we have no way we can get to you.
    (The idea of starting a gift fund for the staff and their families is outstanding. Count us in)
    You live in such a spiritual island……please don’t forget that God is still with you…..hold onto is love.
    Love and blessings,
    Karen and John Glisson, Niceville, FL Owners
    Info on The Greenhouse and our precious friends there would be appreciated, if you have time!

    1. Karen & John – thank you so much for your words. We will certainly keep everyone updated as we finalize plans for the donation fund for our staff. We hope you are safe in Florida over these next few days as well.

  17. Gregory who is a french grand case airport policeman is looking for Patrice Dominique and Pascale 3 sailers who where staying at the atrium
    Could you give him some News of them
    His phone number is 0668642312
    He his very anxious
    Thanks in advance

    1. Hi Chabry, thank you for your message, I will pass on this information to our Caribbean resort operations team. I’m not sure when we’ll hear from them as communication is very sporadic but I’ll send the information and will get back to you as soon as I hear something. Thank you for your concern.

    2. Hi Chabry;
      Patrice, Dominique and Pascale are crew members for our sailing charter company Festiva Sailing Vacations, and they are all safe at the Atrium; however they have no way to make phone calls at this time.

  18. To the Staff and Martin,
    We are so happy that you all are okay. WE were relieved to hear that our Atrium family is safe. It is good to know that The Atrium is still standing. Our, prayers and thoughts are with all the families in St. Maarten at this time. The footage that we have seen of the beautiful island is heartbreaking.
    Continue to stay strong through this tragedy. We are anxiously awaiting for updates and how we can help. Morris and Cindy Petty (Tennessee), The Harringtons, and The Stocks.

  19. We are so happy to hear everyone at the Atrium is safe and sound! Can you please request an update as to how apartment #402 faired in the storm for us? I called today and did speak to them to ensure they were all good and I know they are busy, just hoping to get a quick update, since we know Leroy is very very busy. What a great building the Atrium is!

  20. sorry sorry to hear about the devastation of my favorite island. It has been my second home for 20 years and love everything about it. The employees are incredibly helpful and sweet. looking forward to coming back and supporting everyone. is there any update as to when you will be up and running. also how is #403

    1. Hi Judi – Thank you so much for your kind words and concern. The resort will remain closed through the remainder of 2017. Of course, now we are watching Hurricanes Maria and Lee to see how they will impact the island. We will continue to keep owners informed as we begin repairs and restoration of the property, and as the clean-up and rebuilding of the island progresses.

  21. Thank God that everyone is ok at Atrium. Praying all is well with others on the island and surrounding islands.
    We will miss you this December because I’m sure the resort will not be up and running by then. I know you will keep us updated.

  22. We have been following Jeff Burger and the news about the devastation on the island and like others shocked. However, we then heard that you were able to house the military, and staff who have lost everything so we knew our Atirum was better off than most. WE have been owners for years and like many support our home away from home. So glad the Greenhouse, Karacter, Topper’s, Buccucneer and others are open for busness on a limited basis. I think I heard Red Piano was open almost in the first few days so the island is strong and will come back. Maria is knocking on your door as I write this, but will be gentler than Irma. Prayers for all of the great jewel of an island both Dutch and French.

  23. We are so pleased that you are all safe. We have great memories of our visits to the Atrium. We treasure the friendships we have made with staff and guests. Hopefully we can visit again soon. Glad to here our friends at the Greenhouse and Toppers are okay. Please let us know if you are collecting for employees. We would like to help. We are praying for all of you. Dan and Deborah Dastoli Festiva Adventure Club members. Salisbury Massachusetts

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words, Deborah. We are working on setting up a way to contribute directly to our employees as well as others on the island. We will keep all of our members and owners updated soon!

  24. We were saddened by the news of the hurricane damage and devastation to St. Maarten and to the Atrium Resort. We understand from the above postings that the Atrium is closed for the remainder of 2017 and heard the airport is reopening to commercial travel tomorrow (October 10th). We are booked for a week in February (13th – 20th) through RCI and wondering what the state of the hotel will be at that time and whether we should look at coming another year. We are traveling from the West Coast of Canada and although wanting to support the island and hotel by visiting, do not want to end up disappointed due to lack of facilities and things to do. Can you keep us posted as to how things are progessing?

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