Hurricane Irma: an Update About Our Florida Resorts

We are continuing to do all that we can to protect our guests, employees and resort properties from the impact of Hurricane Irma. We are advising all guests with reservations at any Florida property checking in between now and September 13 that they should not travel to the area. Please contact the entity you made your reservation with for assistance, and please know that our priority is the safety and security of those guests and employees who are at the properties.

Here’s what we have so far by resort location as of 6 p.m. on Thursday, September 7:

Coconut Palms II Resort in New Smyrna Beach / Volusia County: A local state of emergency has been issued and tropical storm force winds are expected to reach the area around midnight Saturday night, with the peak of the storm lasting about six hours on Sunday, September 10, with Category 3 force winds. Storm winds should end sometime Monday afternoon, September 11. At this time, the evacuation notice is voluntary for Volusia County; however, we expect mandatory evacuations will be issued soon for beachside communities. To ensure the safety of our guests and employees, we will be evacuating Coconut Palms II beginning tomorrow morning (Friday, September 8), and plan to have the resort completely closed down by 5 p.m. so that our employees can evacuate and take care of their families.

Ocean Gate at Hibiscus Resort in St. Augustine / St. Johns County: Tropical storm conditions are expected to arrive Sunday night, September 10. St. Johns County is within the NHC 5-Day Cone of Uncertainty. Beach driving has been suspended. There will be a mandatory evacuation beginning 6 a.m. on Saturday, September 9.

Since early this week, our resort managers at all Florida properties have been implementing their hurricane strategy plans, including frequently communicating with all on-site guests and staff and preparing their hurricane kits. Here are a few of the things that they are doing in preparation:

  • Staying tuned to local weather channels and NOAA website
  • Updating resort staff on conditions
  • Updating owner services and the corporate office on resort conditions
  • Posting advisory alerts to websites and front desks
  • Removing and/or securing all outside furniture, trash cans, etc.
  • Backing up computers and printing emergency reports
  • Informing all guests checking in and out of conditions
  • Checking hurricane toolboxes for supplies

If you happen to be in Florida or have friends or family who are, we suggest downloading the Waze app, which has real-time traffic conditions and other useful information including gas stations that are open. 

Another resource besides those we’ve previously posted for tracking the hurricane can be found here:  Please stay tuned as we will update the Festiva Blog as often as possible.

Pat Barcas

Pat Barcas serves as staff writer and photographer for Festiva, based in Asheville, NC. In his spare time he enjoys photography, astronomy, hiking, hanging out with his family, and of course, traveling!

7 thoughts on “Hurricane Irma: an Update About Our Florida Resorts

  1. We contacted the ‘entity’ with whom we made our resrrvation and were told that CCPII HOA woild have to decide what to do about guests who were planning to be there this upcoming week.
    We just don’t want to lose our week of time for 2017.
    We want all tol be safe, but surely there must be a policy in place for events as these.

  2. We had reservations for 2 weeks. Had to leave after 5 days. Will we just loose our reservation for this next week? We are so sad to miss our time

    1. Hi Brillo;
      We will be communicating next week with those owners and members who had to leave their vacations early due to evacuations.

  3. This week of Hurricane Irma was the week we had reserved at FantasyWorld II in Kissimmee, FL
    Would like to be able to save this week to 2018 since storm altered our plans.
    Please let me know via my email address

    1. Hi Linda;
      We will be emailing all Festiva members and owners whose reservations were impacted by Irma, hopefully sometime today. Please check your inbox. Thanks!

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