Atrium Beach Resort & Spa in St. Maarten | October Update

We wanted to provide an update as we realize many of you are anxious to hear about the progress of repairs to the resort and St. Maarten. The resort remains closed to tourism, and while the repairs are in progress, we will be able to announce an opening date by the first week of November. At this time, we still anticipate that the resort will remain closed to all owners and guests through the end of 2017.

This being said, the resort is still housing Dutch military, as well as contractors and insurance adjustors who are assisting with recovery and restoration on the island. Our employees who were being housed at the resort were all relocated earlier this week. We are pleased to report that many favorite restaurants and bars in the area are beginning to open, and the Princess Juliana Airport has re-opened this week on a limited basis for commercial flights. So while progress may seem slow; there is progress, and we are grateful for that.

We also want to take this time to recognize the Atrium general manager Joan May and her entire staff for doing such a tremendous job providing food, water and safety to the guests who were on-site throughout the hurricane. This was no small task, as food, water and supplies were scarce; looting and other crime was occurring and money was limited due to banks being closed. Their efforts were tremendous, especially considering many of them suffered so much personal loss during this time.

While we are doing our best to get the resort back up and running, we are also doing what we can to help those throughout the island, many of whom are crucial to the tourism industry there. To that end, we are taking donations through the Festiva Charitable Fund to help those living in St. Maarten and the British Virgin Islands recover and rebuild their lives. Donating is easy. Simply click the image below and enter the amount and your payment information via debit card, credit card or PayPal. Visit our Hurricane Relief page at for more information.



We have also started an internal fundraising campaign at our corporate headquarters as well as our partner and affiliate companies so that these nearly 1,000 employees can contribute directly to those 27 Atrium employees who lose their homes because of the hurricane. We thank you for your patience and will send an update to all owners via email regarding the estimated opening date for guests in the coming weeks.


9 thoughts on “Atrium Beach Resort & Spa in St. Maarten | October Update

    1. Mr. Cooper – at this time we anticipate that 2018 usage will not be affected by the hurricane damage at the resort. We will have more details in an upcoming mailing and email to owners.

  1. It would be nice to have a sense of exactly what the damage was to the resort. Enough time has gone by- now with power/internet restored on island for a report to owners of weeks.

    I understand that priority is to getting things running…but to date we have heard nothing of substance on the physical condition of the resort. If “guests” are staying on the property, then someone must be able to let us know the condition.

    We are “owners” and should get some sort of report with respect to our asset. I would also like to know what the economics will be…is there insurance? If so, how much out of pocket will there be to owners? If not, what happens?

    This type of information does not have to be broadcast openly on the internet, rather an email to owners would work.

    1. Mr. Fainberg, We are hard at work on the repairs for the resort and plan to send a update to all Atrium owners with details of the damage as well as more information on what to expect moving forward. This update is projected to come out the first week of November and will include the opening date of the resort.

  2. In the November update, can you please include information regarding what owners who lost vacation time, ownership weeks, deposits and exchange fees can expect. Will there be compensated offerings of alternate accommodations or account credits that can be applied to future reservations, etc.?

    1. Mr. Smith – yes, the November communication with owners will have information for those whose weeks were impacted by the hurricane.

    1. Thank you for contacting Festiva! Atrium resort opened on December 2nd, 2017 and is currently taking reservations based upon availability. Please keep in mind that repairs are still underway for the Atrium as well as for the island of St. Maarten. We plan to make a blog post with additional information in the next few weeks.

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