A Reminder on National Stress Awareness Day: Vacations Are a Top Stress Reliever

November 1 is National Stress Awareness Day, and we want you to be aware of just how damaging stress can be, as well as a top way to combat it: going on vacation!

According to the International Stress Management Association, stress manifests itself as a physical, psychological or social dysfunction resulting in individuals feeling unable to bridge the gap with the requirements or expectations placed upon them.

  • The total number of cases of work related stress, depression or anxiety in 2015/16 was 488,000 cases, a prevalence rate of 1510 per 100,000 workers.
  • The number of new cases was 224,000, an incidence rate of 690 per 100,000 workers. The estimated number and rate have remained broadly flat for more than a decade.
  • The total number of working days lost due to this condition in 2015/16 was 11.7 million days. This equated to an average of 23.9 days lost per case. Working days lost per worker showed a generally downward trend up to around 2009/10; since then the rate has been broadly flat.
  • In 2015/16, stress accounted for 37 percent of all work related ill health cases and 45% of all working days lost due to ill health.
  • Stress is more prevalent in public service industries, such as education; health and social care; and public administration and defence.
  • By occupation, jobs that are common across public service industries (such as healthcare workers; teaching professionals; business, media and public service professionals) show higher levels of stress as compared to all jobs.
  • The main work factors cited by respondents as causing work related stress, depression or anxiety (LFS) were workload pressures, including tight deadlines and too much responsibility and a lack of managerial support

There’s good news: taking a vacation is a great way to combat stress! According to Project Time Off, workers who take their vacation days report feeling significantly less stressed than those who leave their time on the table (68% to 74%). Additionally, those who plan their days off report feeling “very” or “extremely” happy with their relationships, health and well-being, company, and job.

People who take vacations measure improved stress regulation, immune function, and other improved cellular markers in the blood, reports a study by the Icahn Institute for Genomics and Multiscale Biology at Mount Sinai in New York. That’s good news for timeshare owners who have a vacation on their calendar as a priority year after year.

Since you’ve got vacation in the same week every year, you’ve got something to look forward to, and a guaranteed stress reliever, year after year. Not only do timeshares offer the consistency of vacation, they offer ease in planning and flexibility. Take the stress out of planning where to go and what to do when you get there. Meet the family at a get together every year, or use it for a girls’ weekend. The options are all yours.



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