Consumer Alert For Festiva Owners & Members

We have heard from several members as well as consumer agencies over the last few months that two companies are targeting Festiva owners and members who live in certain states (North Carolina, Maine and Florida). They are offering to meet with owners to go over their contracts under the guise of “issue spotting” or are claiming owners may be eligible for a deedback or vacation benefit as part of a lawsuit settlement. These companies are requesting money up front. As always, we advise our owners and members to use extreme caution when being solicited by such agencies, and we never recommend paying money up front for any kind of resale or timeshare relief agency. The companies in question call from several different phone numbers or may also send direct mail to members, and have been operating under the following names:

  • MRC Group or Mortgage Relief Consultants
  • American Settlement Services or Consumer Protection US – Account Division

If you are contacted by these agencies or any others that you are unfamiliar with who request money up front for any reason, please contact member services and provide us with as much information as possible. We do keep track of such companies and will alert our owners and members as well as industry and consumer protection agencies as needed.

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