Download This App for An Immersive Boost to Your Sightseeing of Charleston and New Orleans

Greetings, Festiva travelers. If you’re traveling to New Orleans or Charleston in the future, we’ve got a recommendation for a smartphone app that can supercharge your sightseeing adventures by foot in these history-laden towns.

The Detour App, available in the Google Play Store or in the Apple App Store, offers immersive audio walks that guide you through the world’s most interesting places with the people who know them best. The app uses your phone’s GPS to pinpoint where you are, while using people with a special connection to that city to narrate interesting details while you look at the sights. You can also sync Detour with friends for a social tour of the city. It’s a whole new way to look at these wonderful places, all while being fun and convenient.

Detour is currently available in Charleston, New Orleans, San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City, Savannah, Boston, Washington, D.C., and Portland. There are also a handful of international cities with more locations on the way.

Detour has been named by Apple as one of its Ten Best Apps of the Year in 2016, and is “Like walking around in a movie,” according to Wired Magazine. Give it a try to further explore these perfectly walkable cities on your next Festiva vacation!

Pat Barcas

Pat Barcas serves as staff writer and photographer for Festiva, based in Asheville, NC. In his spare time he enjoys photography, astronomy, hiking, hanging out with his family, and of course, traveling!

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