Atlantic Beach Resort Will Remain Closed Through March 2019

Greetings, Festiva travelers.

We’ve just received updated information regarding the damage that Festiva’s Atlantic Beach Resort received from Hurricane Florence.

Atlantic Beach Resort will have to remain closed through the end of the first quarter in 2019, with a tentative goal of re-opening on April 1, 2019.

Although this news is disappointing to us, we understand it is doubly disappointing to those visitors who have upcoming travel plans for this resort. As you may have read, the entire town of Atlantic Beach and the surrounding region was hit extremely hard by this storm. The extent of the damage was farther reaching than we initially thought, and we are still waiting on additional insurance details regarding repairs. The amount of attention we need to give the resort to get it up and running again to our standards is extensive.

The following photos were recently taken via a drone operated by our insurance company. You can see the breach to the roof that was done by the strong winds. The holes in the roof combined with water pouring into them resulted in extensive interior damage.

We truly appreciate your patience in the wake of this powerful storm. We will continue updating you with news of this resort on our blog and Facebook page.


Pat Barcas

Pat Barcas serves as staff writer and photographer for Festiva, based in Asheville, NC. In his spare time he enjoys photography, astronomy, hiking, hanging out with his family, and of course, traveling!

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