FAC Member Education Webinar | RTX Premium Plus Benefits

We’d like to thank those of you who joined us for our webinar on Thursday, September 27 with RTX! Approximately 400 members viewed the live webinar, and we had some great feedback. We hope that you all learned something from Kayla and Zach.

During the live presentation, moderators from RTX and FAC were answering questions that viewers were submitting. We selected the most commonly asked question from RTX and FAC to share:


Q. How do I receive monthly emailed promotions from RTX?

A. When registering your account online, you are prompted to give your consent to receive promotional material. If you feel you’ve followed those steps correctly and are still not receiving emails from RTX, please contact a Travel Consultant. Please also add inquiries@rtx.travel to your “safe sender” list in your email account.


Q: What is the difference between the different kinds of points? (Allotment, saved, banked, bonus points, etc.)?

A: To learn more about the different kinds of points, please check out our Festiva University video on Understanding Your Points. You can also view page 58 of the FAC Member Book.

Due to a brief Wi-Fi outage, our digital presentation became out of sync with our live presenters. So, after the live webinar ended, we recorded it again to ensure that all members have access to the webinar content with the slideshow properly synced. We apologize for any confusion this may have caused, but we’re sure this recording will be useful for anyone navigating their FAC and RTX member benefits. To view the recording, please click below.

We would also like to share a few of the resources mentioned in the webinar:

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