Hurricane Michael Update | The Latest Information on Festiva Resort Disruptions

Greetings, Festiva travelers. As Hurricane Michael comes into contact with the Florida panhandle, we’d like to pass along some information to you for the sake of everyone being informed.

It looks like the area of Panama City Beach, Florida, will be hit hardest. This is the strongest landfalling hurricane ever to hit the panhandle.

This fast moving storm will then most likely pass through Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and the Virginia coastal areas before going east out to sea by Friday morning.

The following is information as we know it for Festiva resorts in the path of the storm:

Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, Alabama

Fortunately, these resorts should be spared the worst of it, despite being close to Florida. There are tropical storm conditions there today, but it will be over soon and no guests or employees have chosen to evacuate. Bridges on the island do close when winds reach 60 mph, so that’s something to keep under advisement.

Charleston, South Carolina

The storm should move out of Charleston by Thursday night with a clear forecast for the weekend. There is the possibility of tidal flooding in the harbor, which is not unusual, but storm disruption should not be major. For guests wishing to cancel their reservations, the Church Street Inn is not enforcing their cancellation policy.

Myrtle Beach and the Grand Strand, South Carolina

We’re keeping a close eye on the coast of South Carolina, as they are still recovering from the rain of Hurricane Florence. We will keep travelers updated with any damage, delays, or closings of our resorts in the area.

Atlantic Beach, North Carolina

Atlantic Beach Resort is still closed due to damage incurred from Hurricane Florence. They are expecting rain from Hurricane Michael, and we will keep everyone updated about the ongoing status of the resort as we receive this information.

Our thoughts are with those in the Florida panhandle who are enduring Hurricane Michael. We also thank all of our Festiva customers for their ongoing patience as we weather the storm.

If you have questions, please call our customer service lines directly. Please do not call resort front desks in affected areas, as they are busy enduring or preparing for the storm.

Festiva Adventure Club members should call FAC member services at 866-933-7848 with any questions.

Fixed week members should contact member services at 855-411-9335 with any questions.

Escapes Float members should call member services at 1-800-266-7374 with any questions.

ETC members should call member services at 1-888-382-4386 with any questions.

If you are not a member or owner with any of the above groups and you have a reservation at a resort that may be impacted, then please contact the entity that confirmed your reservation if you wish to change your plans.

As always, the safety of our resort employees and guests is our primary focus. Please continue to check the Festiva Blog as well as the Festiva Facebook page for updates on this storm and specifics. For weather updates, please check local resources for the affected areas listed above or visit

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